From ABC’s to ROI: How we elevated hooked on phonics by over 110% on TikTok

110% Increase in Profitable Ad Spend

40% Decrease in BCPA

$10k/day Profitable TikTok Spend

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About Hooked On Phonics

In our collaboration with Hooked on Phonics, renowned for its impactful reading programs, our goal was to amplify their presence on digital platforms like TikTok, optimizing marketing strategies to connect with more families.

With a legacy of turning reading into a joyous journey for children, our partnership focused on scaling reach and enhancing engagement, all while upholding Hooked on Phonics' commitment to educational excellence and nurturing lifelong learners.

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Navigating TikTok


Increase in Profitable Ad Spend

Navigating TikTok

Hooked On Phonics approached Structured with a clear goal – enhancing their TikTok marketing to reduce CPA, boost creative content quality, and optimize campaign performance. Aiming to strengthen their digital presence, our joint effort focused on transforming TikTok's dynamic platform into a significant growth lever for the renowned educational brand.

What were the pain points?

The Main Challenge here: Mastering Marketing on TikTok.

Hooked on Phonics faced a unique set of challenges in harnessing the power of TikTok to enhance their brand presence and drive efficient customer acquisition.

  • Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition: How could Hooked on Phonics minimize the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) to ensure that marketing investments on TikTok translated into profitable growth?
  • Creative Content Strategy: With TikTok's distinct audience dynamics, what creative strategies could be employed to design content that was not only compelling but also resonated with the platform's user base?
  • Campaign Optimization and Scalability: In the face of an evolving digital landscape, how could Hooked on Phonics optimize and scale their TikTok campaigns without compromising on the quality and essence of their messaging?

Addressing these questions required a tailored, innovative approach to navigate the TikTok's platform and align with Hooked on Phonics' brand values and goals.

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How did we do it?

To elevate Hooked on Phonics on TikTok, we crafted a strategy centered around User-Generated Content (UGC), enlisting TikTok creators to produce authentic content that highlighted the brand's offerings. This, coupled with the rigorous testing of over 15 diverse creatives—each tailored with unique hooks, music, and CTAs—enabled us to significantly lower the blended CPA. Further refinements to the successful creatives and the use of TikTok Spark Ads ensured our campaigns were both engaging and seamlessly integrated into the user experience, enhancing their effectiveness and scalability.

Building on this made the next steps easy:

Content Expansion:

The initial success with UGC and Spark Ads paved the way for broader content initiatives. We explored new creative formats and collaborations, constantly refreshing our approach to captivate TikTok's dynamic audience.

Advanced Analytical Insights:

Continuous performance monitoring allowed us to iteratively improve our campaigns. Leveraging TikTok's analytics, we fine-tuned our strategies for even better alignment with user behaviors and preferences.

Creative Iteration and Optimization:

Building on the creatives for 'buy now, pay later' messaging, the different products in action, and catalog ads, we implemented a cycle of constant testing and refinement. This allowed us to quickly identify high-performing creatives and scale them, while also discontinuing those that were less effective.

Seamless User Experience:

Recognizing the importance of a frictionless journey, we focused on optimizing the user pathway from TikTok ads to Hooked on Phonics' digital platforms, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience.

To gain new customers for Hooked On Phonics, we crafted each step of our approach to not only cut through the market noise but also to genuinely resonate with the audience and drive the best results.

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Account Overview

We Inherited an Account That Had:

  • Suboptimal digital marketing performance, particularly on TikTok
  • Limited utilization of User-Generated Content (UGC)
  • Inadequate creative testing
  • High Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

What We Implemented for Hooked On Phonics:

UGC Revamp:

We launched a comprehensive UGC initiative, partnering with TikTok creators to generate authentic content that showcased the brand's unique educational offerings, enhancing campaign relatability and engagement.

Creative Testing Expansion:

Conducted extensive testing of over 15 unique creatives within a month, incorporating varied hooks, music, CTAs, and text overlays, enabling us to pinpoint and scale high-performing content, significantly lowering the blended CPA

Content Refinement:

Iterated on successful creatives with subtle adjustments for increased appeal and conversion efficiency, thereby supporting campaign scalability and effectiveness.

Cost Management Initiatives:

Implemented cost cap strategies to maintain an optimal CPA

TikTok Spark Ads Integration:

Utilized TikTok Spark Ads for a seamless content blend into the user feed, achieving a lower Cost per Click (CPC) and higher user engagement without disrupting the native user experience.

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Main points to note:

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The Outcome?

110% Increase in Profitable Ad Spend

40% Decrease in BCPA

$10k/day Profitable TikTok Spend

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