Email & SMS

Twillory is a men's clothing brand that's all about making you look good without breaking the bank. They've been around since 1892 and have evolved to offer modern and stylish clothes for men.

The Challenge

The attribution in the email channel was below average, with most of the campaigns as well as the flows not producing the desired amount of engagement or revenue. Despite sending out quantities of emails (sometimes at 40-50 per month), the return was lower than average and did not generate revenue.

The Solution

To make the email channel more coherent and appealing to those interested in results, we put together a multi-layered strategy.

The initial step involved enhancing the design of all emails and transitioning away from text-based content. The following phase was to identify the most effective send methodologies, such as optimal time cadences and the scope of emails per month. Our next move was to refresh all flows, thereby supporting higher engagement and revenue. Lastly, we strategically planned for new flows and behavioral opportunities to further bolster engagement.


Our recent efforts with Twillory have yielded outstanding results, including a 40% increase in overall revenue and a 60% surge in revenue from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) period. We also saw a 20% increase in flow conversion rate (CVR), showcasing the power of targeted and personalized content in converting potential leads into customers. Furthermore, Twillory experienced a remarkable 50% boost in both engagement and revenue with campaign sends, underscoring the importance of strategically-crafted email campaigns for fostering brand loyalty and driving sales.