How We Transformed Ferver Skincare from Retail-Reliant to a Digital Powerhouse in Just 3 Months

80% Decrease in CPA

440% Increase in FB in-platform revenue 4

80% Increase in FB ROAS

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About Ferver Skincare

Ferver Skincare is at the forefront of the beauty industry, harnessing the ancient process of fermentation to craft skincare solutions that are not just clean, but supernaturally effective. Specializing in supercharged serums and skincare kits, Ferver addresses common skin concerns like sensitivity, dryness, and dullness, with formulas rooted in nature and amplified by science.

In our partnership with them, we focused on transcending traditional digital barriers to spotlight Ferver's groundbreaking products to a wider audience. Leveraging multiple platforms, including Meta and TikTok, we wanted to refine Ferver's online presence, optimize conversion rates, and ultimately, increase their market presence through data-driven digital marketing and creative excellence.

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Ensuring Profitability On Meta



Ensuring Profitability On Meta

Ferver Skincare approached Structured with a clear goal: to transition their retail-heavy success into the digital realm, specifically on Meta. Despite having a groundbreaking product line, their previous ads had not mirrored their retail success, with an initial $60,000 into Meta ad spend resulting in only a handful of purchases. This disparity highlighted a critical need for a strategic overhaul in their digital marketing approach.

We identified two primary obstacles that Ferver Skincare was facing:

  1. Ads that lacked the creativity and engagement needed to reflect the innovative nature of their products. This kind of content failed to connect with their audience, resulting in low purchase conversions from their ad spend.
  2. Underperforming website conversion rate, which had fallen below 1%. This signaled to us a pressing need to enhance the user experience and streamline the online customer journey to facilitate easier conversions.

Understanding these hurdles, we recognized the need to rejuvenate Ferver Skincare's digital presence. We prioritized the infusion of fresh, engaging content that truly resonated with their target demographic. This involved not only elevating the quality of creative outputs but also implementing rapid testing protocols to identify and scale successful themes and messages. Furthermore, knowing the critical role of the website in the customer conversion funnel, we focused on optimizing the online experience. Enhancing the interface, simplifying navigation, and ensuring clarity in product benefits were key steps to reviving the website's conversion potential.

What were the pain points?

Ferver Skincare faced an uphill battle, marked by a previous investment of $60,000 on Meta ads that resulted in only 10 purchases. This disparity between digital ad spend and conversion rates showed us the need for a strategic shift in their online marketing approach.

So Ferver Skincare struggled with crucial questions:

  • How to effectively mirror retail success in the digital arena to attract new customers?
  • What strategies to employ to cultivate brand loyalty and secure repeat purchases in an online setting?
  • How to reassess and adapt our digital strategies to ensure sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive market?

Additionally, with a website conversion rate that had plummeted below 1%, it was crucial to enhance the online user experience. Recognizing the need to streamline the purchasing process and improve product presentation, our focus shifted towards refining the website's layout and functionality, aiming to significantly uplift conversions and foster a seamless online shopping experience.

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How did we do it?

We took a fundamental overhaul of their creative strategy, recognizing the untapped potential of their unique fermentation-based skincare line. We initiated a targeted whitelisting campaign, leveraging the voices of reputable beauty influencers to elevate brand visibility and foster trust with a broader demographic.

Building on this made the next steps easy:

Whitelisting and Influencer Partnerships:

Utilizing the credibility and reach of influencers, we whitelisted their accounts to run authentic, relatable ads that spoke directly to Ferver's target audience, significantly enhancing brand visibility.

Creative Renaissance:

We took an extensive creative testing journey, experimenting with a variety  of creative forms—from captivating visuals to engaging narratives—to identify those that resonated most with our audience. This process was crucial in identifying and scaling our most effective campaigns.

Embracing UGC on TikTok:

Understanding the power of user-generated content, especially on platforms like TikTok, we curated high-quality UGC that mirrored the platform's native content style. This approach ensured our ads blended seamlessly into users' feeds, reducing CPA and amplifying sales.

Website Transformation:

Recognizing the pivotal role of the website in the customer journey, we also undertook a comprehensive redesign. Our new, conversion-optimized website featured sale-optimized product detail pages (PDPs) and a seamless user experience, significantly boosting conversion rates and enhancing the overall customer journey.

This approach not only revitalized Ferver Skincare's digital presence but also set the stage for sustainable growth, enabling us to navigate the challenges of the digital landscape effectively and achieve meaningful results.

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Account Overview

We Inherited an Account That Had:

  • Substantial reliance on retail
  • A lack of diverse and engaging creative content
  • An underwhelming website conversion rate, falling below 1%

Revitalized Creative Strategy:

Revitalized Creative Strategy:

We introduced a wide array of new content, from innovative ad designs to compelling narratives, aimed at captivating a broader audience and showcasing Ferver's unique fermentation-based skincare benefits.

By partnering with well-aligned beauty influencers, we leveraged their credibility and reach, running ads directly from their pages to foster authenticity and trust among potential customers.

Enhanced Creative Testing and Iterations:

We included rigorous testing of a diverse range of creative assets to identify high-performing content. Successful creatives were then refined and scaled to optimize ad spend and maximize sales.

User-Generated Content for TikTok:

We curated and optimized high-quality UGC for TikTok, ensuring our ads resonated with the platform's audience and felt native, effectively reducing CPA and boosting engagement.

Website Redesign for Optimized Conversions:

We overhauled Ferver’s website with a focus on conversion optimization, utilizing our proven layouts and designs. This included the development of informative, sales-driven product detail pages (PDPs) to enhance the shopping experience and facilitate smoother customer journeys.

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Main points to note:

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The Outcome?

80% Decrease in CPA

440% Increase in FB in-platform revenue 4

80% Increase in FB ROAS

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