How we turned Posh Peanut from humble beginnings to fashion frontiers in just 3 years: 41M+ in revenue

Over $41 Million Revenue in Three Years

+830% Scaled Revenue

Expansion to Over 100 Employees

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About Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut, initially a charming Etsy shop, has evolved into a distinguished name in the realm of family and children's apparel.

Birthed in 2011, the brand is celebrated for its sumptuous Päpook® viscose from bamboo fabric, offering vibrant, stylish designs that cater to both the young and the young at heart. This journey from modest beginnings to a cornerstone of family fashion was set to take an ambitious leap forward with Structured. Throughout our partnership, we aimed to amplify Posh Peanut's market presence, boost its visibility, and significantly enhance its revenue, all while nurturing the brand's core - a deep-rooted, family-oriented ethos.

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Scaling While Maintaining Profitability Was A Must


Scaled Revenue

Scaling While Maintaining Profitability Was A Must

Posh Peanut approached Structured with a clear goal: to transition from a beloved Etsy store into a widely recognized family-focused apparel brand. Our challenge was to scale their operations efficiently, broadening their market reach and significantly enhancing their revenue while preserving the brand's cherished family-oriented essence. Throughout our partnership, the focus was on smart, sustainable growth, ensuring each step forward was in harmony with Posh Peanut's core values and long-term vision.

What were the pain points?

The main challenge here: The Main Challenge: Aggressive Growth and Market Expansion

While Posh Peanut enjoyed success on Etsy, transitioning to a broader market presented unique challenges. The brand aimed to maintain its intimate, family-oriented appeal while reaching a wider audience and significantly increasing revenue.

So Post Peanut struggled with crucial questions:

  • How to consistently attract new customers in a competitive online marketplace?
  • How to nurture customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases amidst expansion?
  • How to balance aggressive growth while maintaining the brand's core essence and values?

Posh Peanut's transition from an Etsy shop to diverse retail channels demanded a refined marketing approach for its varied product lineup. The strategy needed to captivate both loyal and new customers, ensuring a smooth journey across all platforms.

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How did we do it?

To tackle this, we initiated a transformation of Posh Peanut's marketing approach, embracing a full-funnel, integrated multichannel strategy. By leveraging platforms such as Google search, Google Shopping, YouTube, and various paid social channels like Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, we tailored our campaigns to cater to different customer journey stages. Each creative asset was designed with precision to ensure relevance, engagement, and persuasion, with a special focus on nurturing the customer's Lifetime Value (LTV) through regular, captivating product launches.

Building on this made the next steps easy:

Expansive Creative Strategy:

We deployed a wide array of creative assets tailored to resonate with the audience, from compelling ad visuals to engaging social media content.

Data-Driven Insights:

Leveraging data analytics, we continuously refined our campaigns, ensuring maximum efficiency and impact.

Customer Journey Focus:

By understanding the nuances of the customer journey, we crafted targeted messages that converted interest into loyalty.

Regular Product Launches:

Our product drop strategy kept the brand fresh and exciting, encouraging repeat visits and purchases.

Retail Channel Expansion:

We strategically introduced Posh Peanut into retail channels, significantly broadening its market reach and accessibility.

Retail Channel Expansion:

We strategically introduced Posh Peanut into retail channels, significantly broadening its market reach and accessibility.

Retail Channel Expansion:

We strategically introduced Posh Peanut into retail channels, significantly broadening its market reach and accessibility.

This holistic approach not only retained Posh Peanut's family-oriented charm but also propelled it to unprecedented heights, with over $41 million in revenue within three years and a thriving team of over 100 employees, heralding a new era of success for the brand.

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Account Overview

We Inherited an Account That Had:

  • A singular focus on the Etsy platform, limiting reach and visibility.
  • An underutilized product range with untapped potential across various categories.
  • A lack of cohesive branding and storytelling across marketing channels.
  • Minimal engagement in data-driven decision-making and customer journey optimization.
  • Sparse utilization of advanced advertising features and platform-specific strategies.

What We Implemented for Posh Peanut:

Broadened Platform Strategy:

We expanded Posh Peanut's presence beyond Etsy, integrating a mix of Google search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest to create a diversified, multi-channel approach.

Enhanced Creative Campaigns:

Developed a rich tapestry of creative content, tailored to resonate with diverse audiences at different stages of the customer journey, ensuring consistent engagement and conversion.

Product Launch Cadence:

Instituted a regular schedule of exciting product launches, leveraging these events to keep the brand fresh and engaging for returning customers while attracting new ones.

Customer Lifetime Value Focus:

Implemented strategies aimed at nurturing long-term customer relationships, enhancing LTV through targeted, personalized marketing efforts.

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Main points to note:

Embrace Multichannel Strategies:

Don't hesitate to spread your brand across multiple channels. A cohesive brand voice and visual identity can be maintained across platforms, from Google Shopping to social media like Facebook and TikTok. This diversification can significantly extend your reach and impact.

Prioritize creative testing:

Embrace a variety of formats—videos, images, stories—to keep content fresh and engaging. Don't let "brand consistency" fears limit your experimentation. Data-driven decisions will guide you to what resonates best with your audience.

Streamline Your Ad Account:

A cluttered ad account can obscure insights. Focus on a structured setup that allows for easy analysis and adjustments, ensuring that your campaigns are both effective and efficient.

Leverage Data for Decision Making:

Use analytics to understand your audience's preferences and behaviors. This insight allows you to tailor your content and campaigns more effectively, ensuring higher engagement and conversion rates.

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The Outcome?

Over $41 Million Revenue in Three Years

+830% Scaled Revenue

Expansion to Over 100 Employees

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