Fungies' Flavorful Revolution: How Tasty Gummies Led to a 120% ROAS Surge

120% Increase in ROAS 

101% Increase in CTR 

65% Decrease in CPA

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About Fungies

Fungies stands at the cutting edge of wellness, transforming functional mushrooms into irresistibly tasty gummy snacks.

Born from the spirit of father-son duo Stacy and Rob Kaufman, Fungies brings the ancient wisdom of mushrooms into the modern world with a delicious twist. In our partnership, we took on the challenge of amplifying Fungies' digital presence, aiming to introduce their mushroom gummies to a broader audience. Our strategy spanned across various platforms, including Meta and TikTok, focusing on creating a compelling narrative that highlighted the uniqueness of Fungies' products, optimizing their online presence, and driving substantial growth through targeted marketing efforts.

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Expanding Reach While Ensuring Profitability



Expanding Reach While Ensuring Profitability

Fungies approached Structured with a clear goal: to stand out in the highly competitive wellness market without stretching their tight budget thin.

From the start, it was clear that Fungies' main hurdle was their use of creative content. The brand was caught in a cycle of reusing existing content, which not only stunted audience engagement but also led to a noticeable decline in the freshness and appeal of their marketing efforts. The scarcity of new, engaging content was a significant barrier that needed immediate attention to help Fungies' brand presence and ensure effectiveness of their campaigns. Structured identified the necessity for a shift in Fungies' creative strategy to not only refresh their brand image but also to connect more authentically with potential customers.

What were the pain points?

The main challenge here: Differentiating Fungies in a Market Saturated with Wellness Products

Fungies was navigating through a fiercely competitive wellness landscape, looking to make a significant impact with their mushroom gummies. The brand faced the challenge of operating within a limited budget while trying to stand out from well-established competitors. This tight financial rope not only limited their ability to invest in new and fresh content but also restricted their marketing, leading to a cycle of content reuse that gradually diminished audience interest and engagement.

So, Fungies wrestled with some crucial questions:

  • How to effectively break through the market noise to captivate and expand their customer base?
  • What strategies could be used to build a loyal community of customers who would return for more?
  • Was their current approach to digital marketing conducive to long-term, sustainable growth?

Fungies realized the need for a more dynamic and engaging online presence. Enhancing the brand's digital footprint and ensuring a seamless user experience on their platform became necessary for converting potential customers into sales.

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How did we do it?

We used Midjourney AI to create a suite of visually arresting creatives. This approach not only circumvented the financial constraints of traditional content production but also infused Fungies' marketing campaigns with a fresh and captivating aesthetic, previously unattainable without a substantial budget.

Building on this made the next steps easy:

AI-Driven Imagery:

By leveraging the power of Midjourney AI, Structured transformed Fungies' creative approach, producing high-quality, engaging visuals that resonated with the audience, all within an astonishingly short timeframe.

Cost-Effective Quality:

This innovative use of AI enabled the delivery of a diverse array of captivating images at a fraction of the usual cost, effectively breaking the cycle of content reuse and combatting creative fatigue.

Consistent Branding:

Despite the technological leap, the essence of Fungies' brand identity was meticulously preserved. The AI-generated visuals maintained the core design and messaging elements, ensuring brand consistency while elevating the overall aesthetic appeal.

This strategic pivot to AI-driven content creation marked a significant turning point for Fungies. It not only addressed the immediate challenge of content scarcity and budgetary limitations but also set a new standard for creative excellence in the wellness industry. With a renewed edge to engage their audience, Fungies saw substantial gains in key performance metrics, reinforcing the value of innovative solutions in overcoming industry challenges and driving brand success.

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Account Overview

We Inherited an Account That Had:

  • Struggles in a saturated market with a tight budget
  • Reliance on a limited set of existing creatives
  • Ad fatigue
  • Absence of fresh content

What We Implemented for Fungies:

Midjourney AI Creatives Revolution:

Introduced Midjourney AI to produce high-quality, diverse creatives quickly and cost-effectively, refreshing Fungies' ad content without straining the budget.

Strategic Account Overhaul:

Streamlined ad structures across major platforms, optimizing for targeted reach and engagement, and laying a foundation for scalable growth.

Innovative Engagement Strategies:

Leveraged AI-driven imagery to maintain brand consistency while elevating visual appeal, ensuring the Fungies brand resonated with its audience through fresh and engaging content.

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Main points to note:

Embrace AI Creativity on a Budget:

When traditional content creation becomes financially restrictive, turning to AI-driven tools like Midjourney AI can revolutionize your creative strategy. It enables the production of diverse, high-quality visuals that captivate audiences without the hefty price tag.

Refresh to Engage:

Combat creative fatigue by regularly refreshing your ad content. This not only maintains audience interest but also reinforces your brand's dynamic presence in a competitive market.

Strategic Brand Consistency:

Even with the adoption of new technologies such as AI, ensure that your core brand identity remains intact. Consistent branding across all creatives is crucial for maintaining a connection with your target audience.

Harness the Power of Storytelling:

Even on tight budgets, compelling storytelling can make a significant difference. Use the unique aspects of your product, like Fungies' fun and healthy twist on mushrooms, to tell stories that resonate and connect deeply with your audience.

Community Building is Key:

Build and nurture a community around your brand. Engaged communities are not only more likely to convert but also can become powerful advocates for your brand, amplifying your reach organically.

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The Outcome?

120% Increase in ROAS 

101% Increase in CTR 

65% Decrease in CPA

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