How we scented success for Poo-Pourri with a loyalty overhaul

Increased loyalty series revenue by $11,928 (22% of total flow revenue)

Increased anniversary engagement revenue: $454

Increased redemption-related revenue: $654

Total flow revenue increase: $54,932

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About Poo-Pourri

Poo-Pourri emerged as a pioneering solution in the landscape of natural odor elimination, transforming awkward dinner party dilemmas into a widely acclaimed product line. Founded in 2006 by Suzy Batiz, PooPourri innovated the way we address bathroom odors by introducing a product that effectively traps odors beneath the water's surface.

Our collaboration with PooPourri was initiated to tackle the challenges associated with low customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and the need for increased brand loyalty. By implementing a comprehensive loyalty program, we aimed to enhance customer retention and engagement, ensuring PooPourri's continued growth and leadership in the industry.

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Elevating Customer Loyalty and Retention

Increase Of Total Flow Revenue


Elevating Customer Loyalty and Retention

When PooPourri partnered with us, the main challenge was clear: transitioning from one-time purchases to fostering enduring customer relationships. Despite the innovative nature of their products and a solid customer base, PooPourri was facing a plateau in customer Lifetime Value (LTV), with consumers showing little incentive to revisit and repurchase. So we wanted to transcend the typical transactional relationship between PooPourri and its consumers and shifted focus towards cultivating a sense of brand loyalty that was previously absent.

What were the pain points?

The primary issue at hand was the inherent nature of the product leading to low customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and a noticeable lack of repeat site visits. Despite offering innovative solutions to everyday problems, there was a gap in cultivating a deeper brand connection, resulting in consumers treating PooPourri purchases as one-off transactions rather than recurring necessities.

So we were faced with 3 critical questions to solve the issue:

  • How could we transform one-time buyers into loyal customers, encouraging them to integrate Poo~Pourri into their regular purchasing habits?
  • How could we ensure Poo~Pourri stood out not just for its efficacy but as a brand that consumers felt personally connected to and advocated for?
  • How could we streamline our email volume to strike a balance between consistent communication and not overwhelm our audience?

Addressing these pain points required a shift from traditional marketing strategies to a more engagement-focused approach.

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How did we do it?

Addressing Poo~Pourri's unique challenges required focus on deepening customer relationships and enhancing brand value. The cornerstone of our strategy was the implementation of a loyalty program designed to engage customers beyond the initial purchase. We began by launching an extensive loyalty series aimed at re-engaging existing customers. Recognizing the diverse interests and interactions of Poo~Pourri's audience, the program was structured around a points or rewards system. Actions such as sharing on social media, referring friends, and celebrating birthdays were incentivized, turning everyday activities into opportunities for engagement. Each element of the loyalty series was tailored to resonate with the individual's preferences and past interactions with the brand. As a result, this personalization ensured that the communication felt relevant and valuable, fostering a deeper connection between customers and Poo~Pourri.

Building on this made the next steps easy:

Enhanced Communication:

Regular updates and reminders about the loyalty program kept engagement high and encouraged repeat purchases. These communications were not just reminders but crafted experiences that celebrated the customer's journey with the brand.

Rewarding Interactions:

We introduced various tiers and milestones within the loyalty program, each with its own set of rewards. This gamified approach motivated customers to increase their engagement with the brand, turning occasional purchasers into brand advocates.

Continuous Optimization:

Leveraging real-time data, we constantly refined the loyalty program, introducing new rewards, and personalizing communication further based on evolving customer behavior and preferences.

Through these measures, we transformed Poo~Pourri’s relationship with customers, fostering a sense of community and loyalty that went beyond the functional benefits of the products.

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Account Overview

We Inherited an Account That Had:

  • Limited customer engagement leading to a low Lifetime Value (LTV).
  • A significant portion of consumers not returning to the site post-purchase.
  • Absence of a structured loyalty program to foster brand allegiance.

What We Implemented for Poo-Pourri:

Loyalty Program Initiation:

We initiated a comprehensive loyalty series aimed at rekindling the relationship with existing customers. This series was pivotal in transforming one-time purchasers into loyal brand advocates.

Engagement through Rewards:

We incorporated a versatile points and rewards system, rewarding customers for a variety of interactions with the brand. From social media engagement to friend referrals and celebrating birthdays, each action contributed to a more engaging and personalized customer experience.

Customized Communication:

Leveraging the insights from the loyalty program, we crafted personalized communication strategies. This approach ensured that each message resonated with the recipient's previous interactions and preferences, significantly enhancing the relevance of our outreach.

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Main points to note:

Personalize Customer Engagement:

Implement a loyalty program? Make sure to tailor communications to reflect individual customer preferences and past interactions. This personal touch turns generic outreach into meaningful conversations.

Incentivize Beyond Purchases:

Reward customers for various forms of engagement, such as social media shares, referrals, and celebrating personal milestones. Every interaction should enhance their connection to your brand.

Maintain Regular, Engaging Communication:

Keep your customers informed and excited about the loyalty program with creative and engaging updates. These communications should enrich the customer experience and reinforce their bond with the brand.

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The Outcome?

Increased loyalty series revenue by $11,928 (22% of total flow revenue)

Increased anniversary engagement revenue: $454

Increased redemption-related revenue: $654

Total flow revenue increase: $54,932

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