From Frosty Figures to Sunny Savings: How We Melted Snow's CPA by 35%

35% Decrease in CPA

Enhanced Creative Diversity

Renewed UGC Strategy

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About Snow

Snow is redefining the landscape of oral wellness with its approach to teeth whitening and oral care.

With clean ingredients at the core of their products, Snow champions a holistic and painless approach to oral health, making a white smile accessible, affordable, and part of everyday self-care since 2017. In our partnership with Snow, we tackled the challenges in  their user-generated content diversity and high Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), all to enhance Snow's brand reach and highlight their unique value proposition  in the competitive oral care market.

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Revitalizing Content While Ensuring Profitability



Revitalizing Content While Ensuring Profitability

Snow approached Structured with a clear goal: to rejuvenate their marketing strategy and reduce their rising Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), which was nearing $77. They faced a challenge with their heavy reliance on user-generated content (UGC) that had become monotonous and lacked creative diversity, alongside with the looming expiration of key endorsements and UGC contracts.

From the start, we recognized the need to diversify Snow's creative portfolio and inject new life into their UGC, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective marketing framework. Addressing these challenges head-on was important to maintaining Snow's market presence and driving profitability.

What were the pain points?

The main challenge here: Revitalizing UGC to Combat Rising CPA Costs

Snow found itself at a crossroads, heavily reliant on user-generated content that had become too uniform, while facing CPA figures that were unsustainably high. This dilemma was exacerbated as the brand neared the expiration of crucial contracts with celebrity endorsers and UGC creators, risking a further narrowing of their creative pipeline.

So Snow struggled with key questions:

  • How to rejuvenate their UGC strategy to continue attracting a diverse customer base?
  • How to maintain engagement and loyalty among existing customers with more constrained content?
  • How to ensure their marketing strategies remained effective and sustainable amidst financial and contractual challenges?

Snow recognized the urgent need for a creative and cost-effective marketing overhaul to not only refresh their content strategy but also to optimize their overall digital presence for better user engagement and retention.Inconsistent Customer Experience

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How did we do it?

We implemented a comprehensive overhaul for Snow, focusing on three pivotal areas: influencer whitelisting, innovative static content formats, and reinforcing successful user-generated content (UGC). This multifaceted approach was designed to amplify Snow's brand presence while addressing the challenges of creative monotony and high acquisition costs.

Building on this made the next steps easy:

Influencer Whitelisting for Wider Reach:

By gaining permissions for influencer whitelisting, we expanded Snow's visibility, leveraging the influencers' credibility and rapport with their audience. This not only diversified the brand's exposure but also brought new dynamism to its image.

Innovative Static Formats to Educate and Engage:

The introduction of static formats tackled common misconceptions head-on, such as the high cost of teeth whitening, offering clear, concise information. This move enhanced customer education and engagement, setting Snow apart in the oral care industry.

Strengthening UGC for Authentic Engagement:

By doubling down on effective UGC, we ensured a steady stream of genuine, relatable content. Re-engaging proven content creators revitalized Snow's content strategy, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

The results were clear: a marked reduction in CPA by 35%, and a richer, more varied content landscape. These outcomes underscore the effectiveness of our targeted interventions, solidifying Snow's market position and paving the way for sustained growth and profitability.

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Account Overview

We Inherited an Account That Had:

  • Over-reliance on repetitive UGC content
  • Creative stagnation
  • Escalating CPA nearing $77
  • Expiration of key influencer and UGC creator contracts
  • Lack of diversity in content
  • No whitelisting

What We Implemented for Snow:

Influencer Whitelisting Expansion:

Utilize the social credibility of influencers, extending Snow's reach and refreshing the brand image with new faces and authentic content.

Static Content for Clarity and Engagement:

Introduced static content formats to clearly address myths around teeth whitening, such as high costs, adding informative variety to the brand's communication.

Reinvigorating UGC:

Focused on re-engaging with creators of previously successful UGC, ensuring the diversity of authentic content, which reignited audience interest and engagement.

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Main points to note:

Diversify with Influencer Whitelisting:

Leverage the authenticity and reach of influencers by whitelisting their content for paid advertisements. This not only broadens your brand's exposure but also infuses your marketing efforts with a sense of trust and genuine endorsement, vital for engaging with a wider audience.

Introduce Static Formats for Clear Communication:

Utilize static content formats to succinctly address common misconceptions and provide valuable information. This strategy is particularly effective in clarifying product benefits and debunking myths, thereby enhancing customer understanding and engagement.

Advantage+ for Full Funnel Coverage (absolutely key):

Integrate Advantage+ campaigns early to address all funnel stages effectively. Use winning creatives for initial engagement, continually test new ones, and scale successful strategies to achieve optimal ROAS.

Re-engage with Proven UGC Creators:

Focus on revitalizing your user-generated content by re-engaging creators who have previously contributed successful content. This ensures a steady flow of diverse and authentic content that resonates with your audience, fostering a deeper connection and engagement.

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The Outcome?

35% Decrease in CPA

Enhanced Creative Diversity

Renewed UGC Strategy

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