Eco-Conscious Apparel Meets Cutting-Edge Marketing: How We Helped FreeFly Experience a $30M+ Revenue Surge

$30M+ Top line sales

33% Increase in Facebook ROAS

40% Decrease in CPA

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About FreeFly

Free Fly Apparel, born from a passion for comfort and the great outdoors, is a South Carolina-based family business that specializes in creating high-performance Bamboo apparel. This fabric is not only ultra-soft and breathable but also offers UV protection, making it perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. 

In our partnership, we focused on enhancing Free Fly's digital footprint through strategic paid advertising across major platforms like Meta, Google, Bing, and TikTok, and optimizing their online conversions. Our collaborative efforts were aimed at scaling their peak season sales, utilizing innovative User Generated Content (UGC) to authentically connect with audiences, and drive significant increases in both engagement and sales.

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Scaling for Seasonal Success



Scaling for Seasonal Success

Free Fly approached Structured with a clear goal: to scale their online presence effectively during their critical Spring/Summer sales season without compromising on profitability. Despite ambitious targets for ad spend, in-platform sales, MER, and top-line sales, Free Fly faced challenges with their existing digital strategy, particularly a lack of impactful User-Generated Content (UGC) and insufficient testing of creative concepts.

It was evident that Free Fly’s digital marketing needed a transformation to meet their ambitious growth objectives. The previous approach lacked dynamism and failed to leverage the full potential of UGC to connect with their audience. Recognizing this, our focus was on overhauling their creative direction to more effectively resonate with and engage their target demographic, setting the stage for enhanced advertising performance.

What were the pain points?

The Main Challenge: Amplify Sales & Expand Customer Base During Peak Season

Free Fly Apparel was poised for rapid growth during their crucial Spring/Summer sales period but faced significant hurdles. Their ambitious targets for ad spend, in-platform sales, MER, and top-line sales required a robust strategy to effectively scale operations without sacrificing profitability.

So Freefly struggled with critical questions:

  • How to generate impactful User-Generated Content (UGC) that drives conversions?
  • How to maintain cost-effectiveness amid rising customer acquisition costs?
  • How to enhance campaign testing to discover high-performing creative strategies?

Recognizing these challenges, it became clear that Free Fly needed a revitalized approach to digital marketing. The brand was struggling with ineffective UGC and insufficient creative testing, which hindered their ability to connect authentically with potential customers and maximize ROI during their most critical sales season.

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How did we do it?

With the brand aiming to maximize its peak season performance, we focused on a holistic overhaul of their marketing strategies.

Building on this made the next steps easy:

User-Centric Content Production:

We initiated a dynamic content strategy centered around User-Generated Content (UGC), collaborating with influencers who embody Free Fly’s outdoor-centric ethos. These influencers produced engaging UGC that we strategically deployed across Facebook and TikTok, enhancing customer engagement and brand authenticity.

Innovative Platform Utilization:

To amplify reach and add authenticity, we launched non-branded influencer pages like "Outdoor Apparel Favorites." This not only diversified our advertising avenues but also provided a fresh perspective to potential customers, boosting ad performance beyond traditional branded campaigns.

Optimized Conversion Strategies:

We developed custom landing pages tailored to highlight Free Fly’s key products, significantly outperforming standard product pages in conversion efficacy. These targeted pages were crucial in driving higher sales volumes and improving user experience by streamlining the path to purchase.

Agile Creative Testing and Optimization:

Our strategy included rapid iteration of ad creatives and messaging, allowing us to quickly pinpoint and scale the most effective tactics. This agility ensured that Free Fly’s marketing was always aligned with market trends and customer preferences, maximizing both reach and return on investment.

Through this focused and flexible approach, we helped Free Fly Apparel not only meet but exceed their ambitious sales targets, setting a new benchmark for their digital marketing success.

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Account Overview

We Inherited an Account That Had:

  • Scattered Digital Presence
  • Underutilized UGC
  • Inefficient Ad Spend
  • Poor Creative Testing
  • Static Conversion Pathways

What We Implemented for FreeFly:

Holistic Creative Revamp:

Introduced a broad-spectrum creative testing regime, exploring various content formats and messaging to identify what truly resonates with Free Fly’s audience.

Strategic Ad Optimization:

Restructured the entire campaign architecture across Meta, Google, and TikTok to focus on performance and scalability.

Advanced Landing Page Strategy:

Developed tailored landing pages for specific product lines, significantly improving the conversion rates over standard product pages.

Enhanced Creative Output:

Doubled the production of high-engagement content, leading to increased brand interaction and customer loyalty.

Cost Efficiency:

Decreased CPA by 40% while maintaining scalability during the peak sales period.

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Main points to note:

Enhance User Engagement with UGC:

Amplify the use of User-Generated Content by partnering with influencers who align with Free Fly’s brand values. Spread their authentic content across all platforms to deepen connections and enhance trust.

Optimize Conversion with Custom Landing Pages:

Develop targeted landing pages for key products to streamline the path to purchase, significantly boosting conversion rates during critical sales periods.

Accelerate Creative Testing:

Implement a robust creative testing regime to identify and scale high-performing ads rapidly, aligning closely with market trends and consumer preferences.

Strategic Ad Optimization:

Restructure campaign setups across all platforms to ensure ads are targeted, efficient, and scalable, maximizing return on investment.

Expand Audience Reach:

Explore new demographics and markets by adapting messaging and creative content, ensuring Free Fly’s brand resonates across a broader audience spectrum.

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The Outcome?

$30M+ Top line sales

33% Increase in Facebook ROAS

40% Decrease in CPA

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