How we elevated evertone a simple startup to email marketing powerhouse in just 1 year

9.6% Increase in Email-Attributed Revenue

300% Increase in Revenue from Specific Email Flows

3,991% Increase in Flow Revenue YoY

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About Evertone

Evertone is a beacon in the skincare industry, championing the power of natural ingredients combined with cutting-edge technology to offer transformative solutions for face and body care for their customers.

Our collaboration with Evertone focused on revitalizing their email marketing strategy in order to amplify their email-attributed revenue and deepen customer engagement through flow setups and innovative solutions.

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Amplifying Email-Attributed Revenue Through Evertone’s Current Setup

Total Flow Revenue


Year Over Year

Amplifying Email-Attributed Revenue Through Evertone’s Current Setup

Evertone partnered with us at Structured with a crucial goal: to increase their email-attributed revenue which was lingering at the time at a modest 6.9%. Despite their efforts in expanding email flows and campaigns, they needed optimizations that targeted with the right messaging at the right time. For a skincare brand like Evertone, the challenge was not just about increasing revenue, but doing so in a way to their customers that aligned with their mission of natural beauty and effective skincare solutions.

To tackle this, we did a technical audit of Evertone's current email marketing strategy, identifying key areas for improvement and untapped opportunities. Our approach was twofold: refining the existing email flows for enhanced engagement and implementing rigorous split testing to optimize their email send times.

What were the pain points?

The main challenge Evertone faced was stagnation in email-attributed revenue, which only stayed at a fixed 6.9% despite comprehensive efforts to enhance their email flows and campaign outreach. So we clearly saw that was needed, which was to optimize their email marketing strategies and identify underperforming areas. This led to implementing advanced segmentation, personalized content, and rigorous A/B testing to revitalize their email engagement and conversion rates in order to transform this channel into a significant revenue driver.

So Evertone faced 3 key questions that would improve their setup:

  • How can we optimize our email marketing strategy to significantly increase attributed revenue?
  • What advanced segmentation and personalization techniques can be done to enhance customer engagement through emails?
  • Were there innovative approaches we could implement to test and refine our email timing for maximum impact?

Addressing these pain points required a strategic overhaul of Evertone's email marketing approach, which would now focus on personalized engagement, sophisticated segmentation, and data-driven optimization to transform their email channel into a powerful engine for sustainable growth.

We initiated a strategic overhaul of Evertone's email marketing approach, focusing on a meticulous audit of their email flows and campaigns, and identify opportunities for enhanced segmentation and personalization. By introducing dynamic content tailored to individual customer profiles and behaviors, the goal was to elevate the relevance and impact of each communication.

Refined Email Flows: We expanded and refined Evertone's email flows, incorporating targeted sequences that provided value at every stage of the customer journey, from welcome series to re-engagement campaigns.

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How did we do it?

Building on this made the next steps easy:

Optimized Send Times:

The implementation of split testing on email send times allowed us to identify the most effective timing for engagement, leading to improved open and conversion rates.

Personalized Content Strategy:

We developed a variety of content, from educational pieces on skincare routines to highlights of key product benefits, all designed to resonate deeply with Evertone's audience and encourage interaction.

Technical Improvements

Enhancements to the technical aspects of email delivery, including template optimization and deliverability checks, ensured that Evertone's messages reached their audience efficiently and effectively.

This revamping of Evertone's email marketing not only improved their email-attributed revenue but also laid a robust foundation for ongoing growth and customer engagement.

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Account Overview

We Inherited an Account That Had:

  • Stagnant Email-Attributed Revenue
  • Limited Email Segmentation and Personalization
  • Underoptimized Email Timing
  • Inconsistent Customer Experience

What We Implemented for Evertone:

Strategic Email Marketing Audit:

We conducted a thorough review of Evertone's email marketing practices to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement, setting the stage for targeted interventions.

Advanced Customer Segmentation:

Developed sophisticated segmentation strategies to deliver highly personalized email content, ensuring that each subscriber received messages aligned with their skincare journey and preferences.

Optimized Email Send Times:

Implemented a split-testing approach to determine the most effective email send times, comparing immediate sends against a 30-minute delay to gauge customer responsiveness.

Enhanced Email Flows and Content:

Expanded and refined Evertone's email flows, introducing dynamic and engaging content that educates, inspires, and motivates customers, from product education to the benefits of a consistent skincare routine.

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Main points to note:

Leveraging Email Marketing as a Growth Engine:

For start-ups like Evertone, harnessing the full potential of email marketing is crucial for scalable growth. It's essential to view each email not just as communication but as an opportunity to engage, educate, and convert, to significantly have that channel increase brand revenue.

The Importance of Strategic Email Timing:

Using detailed customer data to segment and personalize email content is non-negotiable. Tailor messages that resonate with each individual skincare goals and preferences. This can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Continuous Optimization Through Testing:

The dynamic nature of email marketing demands constant testing and optimization. From subject lines to content and timing, every element should be continually evaluated for performance, to ensure your strategy is aligned with customer behavior and preferences.

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The Outcome?

9.6% Increase in Email-Attributed Revenue

300% Increase in Revenue from Specific Email Flows

3,991% Increase in Flow Revenue YoY

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