How we elevated truLOCAL from a regional meat delivery service to a national culinary sensation in under a year

CPA Reduced by 51%

Conversion Rate Increased by 35%

Click-Through Rate Doubled with Top Performing LOCAL Creative

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About truLOCAL

Founded in 2016, truLOCAL is revolutionizing the way Canadians shop for meat, connecting health-conscious consumers directly to local farmers and suppliers. Offering high-end, locally-sourced meat products with the convenience of doorstep delivery, truLOCAL emphasizes flexibility with customizable, commitment-free plans.

Facing challenges in rising Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) under a previous agency, truLOCAL approached Structured seeking to enhance their digital marketing efforts. Our collaboration aimed to lower CPA, amplify META spend, introduce fresh creative strategies, and improve overall conversion rates through our expertise in conversion rate optimization.

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Addressing the User Experience Gap


Addressing the User Experience Gap

truLOCAL was faced with a critical issue that hindered their digital marketing: the disconnect between their advertisements and landing pages. The promotional offers provided to our team, notably vague titles like "doubleup," led to confusion among potential customers. This ambiguity was clear from the ad copy all the way to the landing page, where users found no further clarification on the promotions they were enticed by. This lack of coherence not only diluted the message but also significantly impaired the user experience, resulting in a noticeable drop in conversion rates.

Our task was clear: streamline the user journey from advertisement to conversion, ensuring that promotional offers were not only compelling but also transparent and understandable.

What were the pain points?

The main challenge here: Optimizing for Profitable Growth

The most pressing issue was the escalating Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) on META, a critical concern as truLOCAL sought to maintain its position in the Ontario market and expand its customer base cost-effectively. This challenge was compounded by the vague promotional offers provided, such as "doubleup," which lacked clarity and context from the advertisement to the landing page, all leading to a confusing user experience and diminished conversions.

So TruLOCAL faced three key questions:

  • How to effectively lower CPA while expanding market presence on META?
  • How to enhance user experience from ad to landing page, ensuring promotional offers are clear and compelling?
  • How to make promotional offers more appealing and competitive, particularly in the Ontario region where truLOCAL'sbrand is most recognized?

Additionally, truLOCAL was navigating how to engage new customers in a market saturated with similar offerings. This necessitated a strategic approach to stand out and deliver value in a highly competitive environment.

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How did we do it?

We took an innovative approach by testing three distinct angles on META, each designed to resonate with specific customer sentiments and needs. This strategy was underpinned by a stronger promotional offer that was clearly shown on the landing page (LP) to ensure transparency and understanding.

1. LOCAL angle: This angle was crafted to emphasize truLOCAL's commitment to high-end, locally-sourced meat products, fostering a sense of community and support for local farms.
2. SOCIAL angle: Focused on the power of community and shared experiences, this angle leveraged social proof through testimonials and user-generated content to build trust and engagement.
3. FOMO angle: Designed to create urgency, this angle featured bold headlines and countdown timers to encourage immediate action from potential customers.

Each angle was accompanied by paid copy that aligned with the respective theme—local, social, or FOMO. The landing pages were then tailored to reflect these elements, incorporating an improved UI/UX that narrated the unique value proposition of truLOCAL more effectively.

Building on this made the next steps easy:

Enhanced Storytelling on Landing Pages:

By weaving more compelling narratives around each promotional angle, we ensured that every visitor to the LP had a clear understanding of truLOCAL's offerings and the benefits of the ongoing promotions.

Improved User Experience:

Recognizing the critical role of seamless user experience, we overhauled the ad-to-LP journey, ensuring consistency and clarity that effectively reduced confusion and bolstered conversion rates.

Dynamic Content Optimization:

Armed with data from our angle testing, we dynamically adjusted content across platforms to highlight the most resonant messages, further personalizing the user experience and increasing engagement.

Ongoing Creative Exploration:

Building on the success of the LOCAL and SOCIAL angles, we continued to explore and refine these themes, integrating new insights and feedback to keep the content fresh and relevant.

We not only addressed truLOCAL's initial challenges but also set a new standard for their digital marketing efforts, leading to a substantial decrease in CPA and significant improvements in conversion rates and customer engagement.

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Account Overview

We Inherited an Account That Had:

  • Elevated CPA
  • Limited Market Visibility
  • Suboptimal Conversion Rates
  • Incoherent User Journey
  • Uncompetitive Offers

What We Implemented for truLOCAL:

Strategic Creative Reinvigoration:

Introduced three distinct creative angles—LOCAL, SOCIAL, and FOMO—each tailored to resonate with specific target demographics and drive engagement.

Landing Page Optimization:

Revamped landing pages to provide a cohesive narrative that aligned with the ad copy, improving storytelling and user experience.

Focused Campaigns:

Crafted campaigns that leveraged the strengths of LOCAL and SOCIAL angles, utilizing data-driven insights to optimize for the most engaging content.

Cost Management Initiatives:

Implemented cost cap strategies to maintain an optimal CPA.

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Main points to note:

Clarify Promotions from Start to Finish:

Ensure your promotional offers are unmistakably clear from the advertisement through to the landing page. Vague offers like "doubleup" can confuse potential customers, undermining conversion rates. Precision in messaging is crucial for user clarity and engagement.

Leverage Local and Social Connections:

Capitalize on the power of local sourcing and social proof to engage your audience. truLOCAL's success with the LOCAL and SOCIAL angles underscores the value of community-focused messaging and the effective use of testimonials in building trust and driving conversions.

Create Urgency with FOMO Strategies:

Use countdown timers and bold savings headlines, to spur immediate action from your audience. This approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns by encouraging prompt decision-making.

Enhance UI/UX for Better Storytelling:

Invest in improving the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) on your landing pages. A well-designed landing page that narrates your value proposition compellingly can greatly improve understanding and conversion rates.

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The Outcome?

CPA Reduced by 51%

Conversion Rate Increased by 35%

Click-Through Rate Doubled with Top Performing LOCAL Creative

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