Email & SMS

Bala offers a variety of fitness products, including resistance bands, sliders, and workout accessories. The company aims to make fitness more fashionable, enjoyable, and accessible by creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing workout equipment that can be used during various types of exercises or activities.

The Challenge

The challenge faced involved non-promotional emails in the email channel, which failed to yield considerable revenue. While these emails did receive some interaction, the engagement frequently fell short of the industry standard (e.g., 0.5% CTR). Consequently, this subpar engagement not only restricted the channel's revenue generation but also posed difficulties in identifying the ideal types of emails to distribute.

The Solution

The most effective engagement emails were selected and subjected to conceptual testing. This involved exploring three distinct concept styles tailored to the audience's interests and psychographics. Each campaign's performance was assessed over a 1-2 month period to facilitate improved engagement. Additionally, the introduction of well-timed promotions helped boost the channel's overall engagement.


The implemented solution led to remarkable results, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of the email marketing strategy. The outcome included:

  1. A 50% increase in email revenue: By optimizing the email content and incorporating timed promotions, there was a substantial boost in revenue generation, indicating the effectiveness of the tailored strategies.
  2. A 75% increase in click-through rate (CTR): The audience-centric approach, which took into account interests and psychographics, led to a remarkable rise in CTR. This improvement demonstrates that the revised email concepts resonated well with the target audience, encouraging higher engagement levels.
  3. A 25% increase in month-to-month engagement: The strategic changes in email marketing not only improved short-term metrics but also contributed to sustained growth in engagement over time. This increase highlights the long-term benefits of the refined email marketing approach.