Email & SMS

True Classic is a direct-to-consumer menswear brand specializing in the design and sale of 'elevated basics.' This emerging market trend showcases high-quality, minimalist yet sophisticated clothing that transcends fleeting fashion fads. With a commitment to superior craftsmanship and timeless style, True Classic caters to modern men who appreciate simplicity and enduring elegance in their wardrobe.

The Challenge

True Classics was confronted with a common paradox of large accounts - the saturation of immediate, easy opportunities, and the neglect of potential growth prospects. The primary challenge was the need to transcend beyond the well-optimized and structured foundational flows. The demand for innovation and creative freshness was evident as the account's designs started to become repetitive and template-based, rather than invigorating and unique. The task at hand was to identify and leverage new opportunities, devise strategic approaches, enhance email optimization, and reintroduce creativity into the designs, thereby facilitating channel growth.

The Solution

A comprehensive strategy was formulated to address the challenges faced by True Classics. The plan was designed to determine the best practices for future growth, identify overlooked flows, and enhance existing automation. The approach was three-pronged, focusing on technical, design, and conceptual perspectives. These strategic solutions were then tested within the email channel to identify the most promising opportunities for channel growth. Over the span of a month, numerous tests were conducted, and a substantial amount of innovative content was produced, aimed at rejuvenating the email channel and driving strategic growth.


The strategic solutions swiftly yielded impressive outcomes within a single month. A new site abandonment strategy was instrumental in generating over $100,000 in revenue. The optimization of technical functionality across a series of emails resulted in a dramatic upswing in the post-purchase series' click-through rates (CTRs), with each email showing an improvement of up to 50%.

Expanding the strategy to include SMS in the post-purchase flows led to an additional 10% rise in CTRs. The introduction of pattern breaker design tests did more than just refresh the campaigns' aesthetics; they also bolstered engagement by 9.6%.

An innovative approach to active segmentation, combined with personalized messaging, resulted in a further 2% increase in CTRs. Lastly, an added SMS flow, specifically designed to foster engagement, significantly amplified revenue, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategic solutions implemented.