Email & SMS

GXVE is an artistry-level makeup brand inspired by Gwen Stefani's iconic looks and decades of backstage makeup experience. It's designed for creative individuals who want to express their individuality and experiment with high-payoff formulas. With GXVE, you can find the extraordinary in everyday makeup and turn up the volume without fear of experimentation.

The Challenge

This D2C brand was recently launched and had not yet implemented any marketing efforts. The plan was to rely on organic social media for their email channel, and all revenue was expected to come from their ability to sell through email and achieve significant results for the brand.

The Solution

The primary objective of the marketing strategy was to maximize revenue and drive engagement without overwhelming the target audience. This was achieved by emphasizing high-revenue and high-impact campaigns that resonated with the majority of the audience.

To further enhance the effectiveness of these campaigns, a combination of flow build-out strategies and campaign development was employed. By building out the customer journey and incorporating a variety of touchpoints throughout the campaign, customers were more likely to engage with the brand and convert to sales.

The attribution with the channel was another key consideration in the marketing strategy. The combined strategies of flow build-out and campaign development were specifically designed to increase the attribution of each channel used. This ensured that the marketing efforts could be accurately measured and optimized for maximum impact.


Over the course of our marketing efforts, we achieved several notable results. We consistently saw a 40-50% month-over-month increase in email attribution, indicating the effectiveness of our email marketing strategy. 

During the first BFCM launch, which lasted 1.5 months, we generated an impressive $500K in revenue through the email channel. Our revenue continued to grow, and we experienced a 2x increase from the initial launch to the 1-year anniversary. 

To achieve these results, we implemented targeted campaigns that allowed us to surpass our competitors, stay ahead of trends, and optimize our current revenue.