Email & SMS

"Untangling the Overlap: A Comprehensive Case Study on Resolving Cross-Channel Communication Challenges and Enhancing Client Engagement through Strategic Testing and Optimization of Email and SMS Cadences"

The Challenge

SMS and email engagement frequently overlapped for multiple clients, resulting in challenges such as ineffective timing for promotional and engagement content, overwhelming clients with excessive communication simultaneously, and insufficiently determining the optimal strategy for utilizing cross-channel approaches.

The Solution

We put into action a sequence of strategic tests designed to maximize the utilization of both email and SMS channels concurrently. The first step of this process entailed determining the most effective send cadences for SMS in relation to promotional emails. The next part of the strategy involved identifying the optimal cadences for automation across both SMS and email channels. Subsequently, we sought to establish the ideal send times for engagement content, enabling SMS to underscore interactions not specific to email. The final piece of our approach was to discern the most suitable communication for each channel, fostering a harmonious relationship between SMS and email.


The strategic tests led to impressive results, including:

  • Up to a 44% increase in revenue when SMS was used to grant VIP club or early access the day before an email was sent
  • A 20% rise in revenue when engagement content via SMS complemented email as "stand-alone" and non-repetitive messages
  • Enhanced engagement with both SMS and email channels through the implementation of cadence strategies across both platforms