Email & SMS

Eight Sleep is a technology-driven sleep company dedicated to improving sleep quality and overall well-being. They design and develop advanced mattresses and bedding products that incorporate innovative features and materials.

The Challenge

In order to take charge of the communication channel, our goal was to enhance the conversion rate of customer sign-ups, thereby increasing email-attributed revenue. As the brand continued to expand its customer acquisition, our focus remained on educating the audience about the unique benefits of choosing our brand over competitors.

The Solution

In response to the challenge of improving the conversion rate of customer sign-ups and boosting email-attributed revenue, we put into effect a strategic and multifaceted approach.

Our initial action was to adopt a product-centric and storytelling approach, which helped underscore the unique aspects of our brand. Subsequently, we crafted a balanced blend of campaigns and flows, designed to engage and educate potential customers. Following this, we accentuated the scientific foundation and effectiveness of our product, distinguishing it from competitors. Lastly, we displayed the dedicated team behind our brand, infusing a personal touch into our messaging.


We adopted a product-centric and storytelling approach, successfully achieving and sustaining a 40% email-attributed revenue. This was accomplished through a balanced mix of campaigns and flows. Our focus extended beyond merely promoting the product; we also emphasized the unique aspects of Eight Sleep, highlighting its scientific basis, performance, and the dedicated team behind it.