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Gleamin is a skincare company that focuses on developing plant-based products infused with superfoods. Their mission is to provide natural and effective solutions for a healthy and glowing complexion.

The Challenge

Gleamin, a skincare brand, faced the challenge of low consumer awareness and engagement prior to the launch of their inaugural moisturizer. With the holiday season approaching, they needed to quickly develop a strategic pre-sale campaign that would effectively generate excitement, drive sales, and capitalize on the increased consumer spending during the festive period. Additionally, Gleamin sought to create a buzz around their new product and foster anticipation among potential customers to ensure a successful product launch.

The Solution

In order to create enthusiasm and boost sales for Gleamin's debut moisturizer, we put into action a well-planned pre-sale campaign that took advantage of the holiday season and concentrated on several crucial aspects.

We began by capitalizing on the festive spirit and the surge in consumer spending during the holidays. Next, we generated anticipation and excitement for the new product launch. After that, we employed social media platforms to expand the campaign's reach and engagement. Following this, we devised captivating content that would inspire likes, comments, and shares. Finally, we fortified brand awareness and laid the groundwork for ongoing customer engagement.


Structured successfully executed a pre-sale campaign for Gleamin's new moisturizer, generating a total of $92,243.73 in revenue. This well-crafted and engaging campaign not only drove sales but also spurred widespread interest and excitement among the online community.

By leveraging the power of social media platforms and creating captivating content, thousands of likes and comments were generated, reflecting the high level of enthusiasm and curiosity surrounding Gleamin's latest product offering. This online buzz not only contributed to the campaign's financial success but also helped to establish a solid foundation for brand awareness and future customer engagement.

Through this dynamic and effective campaign, Structured played an instrumental role in the successful launch of Gleamin's new moisturizer, showcasing the potential of well-planned marketing strategies to drive both revenue and online community engagement.