Email & SMS

Poo-Pourri is a company specializing in the creation of unique and effective bathroom odor eliminators. They use a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients to neutralize odors and maintain a fresh atmosphere.

The Challenge

Poo-Pourri, a unique personal care brand, faced low email-attributed revenue (below 10%) and struggled to retain repeat customers while minimizing churn. They needed an effective strategy to significantly grow their customer base, enhance brand loyalty, and increase the overall revenue contribution from email and SMS marketing channels.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge, we collaborated with Poo-Pourri to develop and implement a comprehensive email and SMS marketing strategy that focused on the following key elements.

First, we created targeted and engaging content, with the aim of building a strong rapport with Poo-Pourri's audience and conveying the unique value proposition of the brand effectively.

Then, we utilized data-driven insights, which allowed us to understand customer preferences and tailor our marketing efforts, ensuring that our communications were both impactful and relevant.

In addition, we concentrated on increasing subscription sign-ups and managing churn rates. This was achieved through consistent and pertinent communication with customers, keeping them actively engaged with the brand.

Finally, we dedicated ourselves to the continuous refinement and optimization of our marketing strategies. This allowed us to maintain momentum, adapt to changing market conditions, and maximize the effectiveness of our efforts.


Throughout the collaboration with the client, email and SMS marketing strategies consistently and reliably contributed to a significant portion of their revenue, ranging between 30% and 40% each month. These effective communication channels not only increased subscription sign-ups for the client but also helped manage and reduce churn rates among their customer base.

By employing targeted and engaging content, the client managed to build a strong rapport with their audience, fostering loyalty and boosting conversion rates. Over the course of working together, the joint efforts yielded substantial results, generating millions of dollars in net-new revenue for the client.

As the client continues to refine and optimize their strategies, they aim to maintain this momentum and further their impact on both revenue generation and customer satisfaction.