Email & SMS

Vessi, a footwear company, designs and produces stylish, waterproof, and ultra-comfortable sneakers, crafted with innovative materials to cater to various lifestyles and adventures.

The Challenge

Vessi, a footwear company, faced stagnant email-attributed revenue and low customer engagement, struggling to stand out in recipients' inboxes. They needed to develop captivating email campaigns that would not only grab attention but also build brand equity, drive conversions, and reflect Vessi's unique identity and values.

The Solution

In our effort to overcome this challenge, we implemented a thorough email marketing strategy for Vessi that hinged on various pivotal elements. Our initial approach was creating relatable, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing designs that would command the attention of the audience. We followed this by crafting visually appealing and compelling email content, which was designed to foster and encourage audience engagement. Subsequently, we dedicated ourselves to understanding audience preferences and personalizing our marketing strategies to resonate with potential customers. Lastly, we took up the task of continuously optimizing email campaigns, drawing upon data-driven insights and adapting to the ever-changing market conditions.


Over a two-year period, we successfully achieved a remarkable 4,000% increase in email-attributed revenue. This impressive growth can be attributed to a combination of strategic planning, targeted marketing efforts, and continuous optimization of our email campaigns.

Throughout this time, we focused on understanding our audience's preferences, creating engaging content, and implementing personalized marketing strategies that resonated with potential customers. By refining our approach based on data-driven insights and continuously adapting to changing market conditions, we were able to maximize the effectiveness of our email marketing initiatives.

This substantial increase in email-attributed revenue not only highlights the potential of well-executed email campaigns but also demonstrates the impact of a dedicated and agile marketing approach in driving long-term growth and success.